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Hello Dave,
Upon “googling” Tad Juma I came across your blog. Rev. Juma and I have been corresponding via email for several months, and it has been an honour to slowly get to him thru his writings, and hear about the youth ministry in Malawi. What can you tell me about the ministry there? Are still involved with them and in what capacity? Lots of questions I know! Would enjoy hearing back from you, and will continue to visit your blog. Thanks!


I am still involved some with the Nkhoma Synod and the work that Tad and his colleagues are doing. Mostly, I am attempting to serve as a liason between the Presbyterian Church in Malawi and the church in the U.S. Tad is a great guy. The church is thriving in Malawi. We, in the western world, have much to learn from how Malawians seek after and follow Christ. But at the same time they have much to learn from us. Our relationship with one another really does need to be a mutual one. I know that is only a generic overview, feel free to email me with any specific questions.

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