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This is my first time posting from my phone, so forgive me if the format is off.

Yesterday we took on a bit of an bit ambitious goal. I was told it could be done, and deep down I knew it was true, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t terrify me. We were going to start off early , drive to visit my friend Sydney at his home in Chamatao (last year it took all day to get there by public transit), then head east through the Nkhotakota game reserve and back south to Salima where we’ be staying the night at a church member’s lake house. I figured I’d be behind the steering wheel for about six hours, half of which would be on dirt “roads.”

Needless to say the day was stressful.

But we made it. It was great to see Sydney and his family and deliver a gift to my niece Rebecca Grace. Brandt got to see what a remote village was like and how different some people live. And though the drive was indeed painful (my neck still hurts from a pot hole I hit), we were able to see a lot of the central region of the country.

Now we’re enjoying the lake. We got here at sunset, ate dinner and went to bed. We woke at 5 and watched the sunrise. I’m now sitting on a flipped over fishing boat and enjoying another majestic Malawi morning. Word can’t do justice to the beauty of this place. Here are a few snaps from our journey:






4 replies on “Malawi Driving”

Dave, thank you for sharing your mission trip with us.
May God continue to bless the people of Malawi and the people who minister to them.

It’s the same beach chairs and umbrella!! Beautiful as always. Rebecca grace is soooo big! What a difference a year makes! Thanks for hanging in there, Brandt!! Love and safety to all–


Good job on the driving! Is the Nkhotakota game reserve closer than Mvuu Camp? Would it be a good place for the team’s R and R?

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