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Chamatao Sermon Clip

Preaching in Malawi can be difficult. While I’ve learned a lot and grown accustomed to a few cultural differences there are still times where I struggle to communicate clearly. This is especially true when I preach with a translator, which has happened a lot lately.

I preached at Chamatao C.C.A.P. last Sunday, a church where there were maybe a handful of people that spoke English. I am to the point where I can fake a bit of Chichewa, including the first part of the liturgy (don’t get any crazy ideas, I haven’t learned a new language—it’s written word for word in the hymn book).

When I step away from what is written by someone else and rely on my own limited understanding of the language it’s not quite as pretty. Last week, Hailey caught one of those moments on video. Enjoy.

Chamatao C.C.A.P. Sermon Clip from David Rohde on Vimeo.

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I love this post! I never read it until now. We keep Sydney and his family in our prayers!

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