You Lack Discipline!

Kindergarten Cop, "You Lack Discipline!"

Twenty-ten is gone, Twenty-eleven is here.

It’s time to make the annual decision to lose ten pounds, stop smoking or finally finish that project around the house that was started three years ago. Our promises to ourselves don’t seem as hollow when surrounded by the oozing optimism of a new year.

We wait two or three weeks—till we’ve slept through the morning alarm for the gym or worked later than we said we would because the boss has one more thing that can only be done by you—to realize New Years Resolutions are a farce.

Maybe I’m wrong? Maybe I am only really talking about my failed attempts at following through with Dave Rohde’s (fill in the year) life improvement plan. But something tells me I’m not—go look in the windows of your nearest 24 Hour Fitness today and then go back and do the same in a month…

But does the failure of the multitudes mean personal goals should not be set at all? Does it mean we shouldn’t make attempts to better our lives through a new commitment to X,Y or Z? No. Not at all. We just need to learn to actually commit ourselves to a change.

As I write, I can’t help but think of the now former California Governor’s famous quote from his more successful career, YOU LACK DISCIPLINE! Every time I fail to follow through with a new year’s resolution I look over on my shoulder to see a mini-version of Detective John Kimble screaming at me.

I lack discipline. There are many things I’d love to accomplish in 2011, but to get them done I have to learn to live differently.

So my resolution is simple in theory but difficult in practice: Live a more disciplined life. Hailey and I agreed that every night before preparing dinner we will ask each other if we have “done our twenty minutes.” At least 20 minutes of exercise and 20 minutes of Scripture study/prayer (sermon prep & curriculum planning don’t count). If not, we can’t eat dinner till each of us have met our daily goal. We figure if we can’t be disciplined with forty minutes of our day there is something seriously wrong.

My New Year’s Resolution is to make a daily decision to be disciplined, what is yours?

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