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Grandma is madly in love with my wife


Before Hailey and I left for Malawi one of the hardest things to do was saying goodbye to my grandma. Before my uncle drove her away she said, “you know, you were always my favorite kids.” Really she loves my sister, two cousins and I equally. Grandma is just madly in love with my wife.

Grandma doesn’t have much of a filter on what she says and, though it can be a nuisance at times, sometimes it is downright hilarious. Without warning she’ll tell someone if they’ve put on weight (regardless if they have or not) or make an inappropriate comment about a complete stranger. In the last year or so she has grown particularly fond of cappuccino and she’s not afraid to tell anyone about her new found obsession. She no longer drinks regular coffee. Yes, grandma is a 94 year old coffee snob.

I’m not sure what Hailey did to gain such adoration from grandma, but whatever it was has had a lasting effect. She constantly tells me I need to be careful with my wife, that I need to treat her well and the first words out of her mouthwhen we see one another are “where’s Hailey?” She can do no wrong in grandma’s eyes. I know I “married up,” but grandma will never let me forget it.

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