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Support Letters, Boxes and Stuff…

I hate moving, always have and always will. We have less than 3 weeks to pack our house, figure out what we want to bring to Africa, wrap up loose ends and make sure someone is there to pick us up at the airport when we get to Malawi. The physical process of going through ones belongings and deciding what is worth keeping and what deserves pitching is agonizing.  The amount of stuff we have accumulated in five years is overwhelming.  So much so that it is difficult to really know where to start.  Slowly we have begun, but we’ve only put a dent in what needs to be done.  Last week we sold the car that Hailey and I drove to prom 10 years ago. It was bitter sweet. But in the end, the car wouldn’t fit in the box next to slow cooker and the blender—so it had to go. I wonder what will be next on the pitch list.

Slightly less strenuous is the process of writing support letters. Asking your family and friends to partner with you as you step out in faith following God’s call, especially when that partnership involves asking for financial support, is a humbling task. I’m not sure if it is my own insecurities with money or that it is just an awkward question altogether, but our intention of the letter was to have financial contribution be ONE of the many ways to join us on this adventure—I hope it came across that way. Our prayer is that this adventure would be life changing, not only for Hailey and me but also for our community. Watching others get excited about our call has been among the greatest blessings of this entire process.  Other people’s joy doesn’t necessarily make the whole thing less scary, but it definitely affirms that this is where we are supposed to be right now in our lives. I get the sense that Hailey and I really aren’t doing this thing on our own. Maybe, more than anything, we are seeing and experiencing the culmination of what the Church is really all about.

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